De Hoop Nature Reserve

De Hoop Nature Reserve is one of the largest natural reserves managed by Cape Nature. This nature reserve, which is 34 000 hectares, is a World Heritage Site and is a key conservation area in the Southern Hemisphere. Part of the reserve is a marine reserve, that stretches 5km out to sea, this is one of the largest marine protected areas in South Africa and a primary breeding ground for the Southern Right Whales that come here every year. Also home to some of the rarest shrubs and plant species, many of which you'll see on the magnificent Whale Trail, one the best South African trails, with spectacular views and plenty of opportunities to spot whales.

De Hoop Nature Reserve forms part of the Cape Floral Kingdom which is part of the wold’s smallest and most endangered plant kingdoms. The dominant vegetation group in this reserve is the Fynbos. De Hoop Nature Reserve has the largest unspoiled area for the Fynbos. Recognising the resident bird species, the De Hoop vlei or wetland is also a Ramsar site