Arniston Beach
At the Arniston Beach you can relax and take a step back in time. The soft white sand is contrasted by the rugged rocks of the coastline.

Fishing in Arniston
The management and staff at The Arniston Spa Hotel are keen fishermen and offer their guests a unique service in that they will advise you on the best fishing spots in and around Arniston.

Ginkgo Spa at Arniston Hotel

This is an exclusive venue and is operated by the renowned Ginkgo Spa & Wellness Group. Calm your mind in this relaxation spa and let us pamper you with our outstanding service and attention to detail.

Sterna Hiking Trail

The Sterna Hiking Trail invites visitors to enjoy the unspoilt beauty of Arniston in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

The trail itself is seven kilometres long, and takes about three hours to complete, depending on fitness levels and the size of your group. It meanders through the De Mond Nature Reserve, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the gorgeous fauna and flora of the area.

Waenhuiskrans Cave
Waenhuiskrans (wagon house cliff) is the highlight of a visit to Waenhuiskrans Nature Reserve in Arniston. What makes the Waenhuiskrans Cave so exciting is the low-tide leap-and-a-bit to reach it, over barnacle-encrusted rocks with one's eye on the sea for the odd freak wave.

Whale Watching

Whales come to the Arniston coastline each year from April to January, with peak viewing times being in September and October, to calve and mate. Individual whales may spend up to four months on the coast. Bryde's, Long-finned pilot, Minke, Pygmy right and Pygmy sperm whales have been seen in Arniston as well as the Southern right and True's beaked whales.

Home to the characteristic lime-washed, thatched cottages, no visit to Arniston/ Waenhuiskrans is complete without a visit to Kassiesbaai. Hidden behind the sand dunes lies one of South Africa’s most picturesque Heritage Sites. The descendants of the founding families have managed to beautifully preserve the essence of this 200-year-old village, and it is only right to show our appreciation by visiting it.

The wreck of the Arniston
A British East Indiaman, the Arniston, broke up in 1815 in a storm near a southern Cape village called Waenhuiskrans (Afrikaans for “wagon house cliff”). This fishing village community changed its name in honour of the wreck and to remember those who died that fateful night.

Replica of Monument
The replica of the monument was erected by order of the wife of Colonel Giels in memory of her four sons who died tragically in the Arniston sea disaster.