Bredasdorp Shipwreck Museum

The Bredasdorp Museum is primarily a maritime Museum whose primary theme is "Shipwrecks along the dangerous Southern Cape coast and their influence on the development of the Strandveld".

There have been approximately 130 shipwrecks off the Southern Cape coast since 1673. This dangerous section of coast is known as the "Graveyard of the ships".

Bredasdorp Historical Walk
There is a great historical walk of Bredasdorp that you can do starting at the Tourism Bureau (you’ll find that it’s more-or-less in the middle of town). The buildings themselves are historical and the garden worth a walk through, even if it’s tiny by garden standards.

EnviroWines Wine Shop
Our Wine Shop is situated in the heart of Bredasdorp. We offer exceptional wines produced through environmentally friendly practices, verified by independent environmental auditors.

Hike the Whale Trail with Africasunroad
Africansunroad covers the 56 kilometre trail over five days, making it manageable and ensuring that hikers do not miss out on the scenery and tranquillity. The landscapes are breath-taking, with so much diversity that hikers may be tempted to stay here and never return to the ‘real world’. There is an array of natural wonders; from caves, middens (ancient heaps of shells and other materials), and calcified dunes to blowholes and calcrete (or caliche) formations. The unspoiled beaches stretch on for miles, while the mountains are blanketed by the beautiful fynbos for which so many parts of the Western Cape are known.

PE Le Roux Memorial Garden

The garden on the square in Bredasdorp is the is the PE Roux Memorial Garden that was rebuilt in 2002 with contributions from local businesses.

Kapula Candles
The Kapula Gallery opened in 1999 in an old barn that was transformed into a spectacular showcase of 600m.  This beautiful space is home to the display of our full range of beautifully handcrafted and painted candles, complementary ceramics and other accessories. Our showroom is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Overberg region that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Heuningberg Nature Reserve
The Reserve more than rewards the visitor who wanders its numerous contour paths. There is always an abundance of beautiful flowers to delight the visitor.  This Reserve is home to more than 260 species of plants, 34 of which are endemic.

Art gallery in Bredasdorp.They also frame pictures.

All Saints Church
This Sophie Gray church was consecrated by Bishop Gray in 1863 after the cornerstone was laid in 1859 and the first service held in it in 1861. It was built on a plot given to the church by Joseph Barry, a member of the well-known Barry family.

Julian's Gallery & Ceramic Studio
An Aladdin's Cave of decor items, ranging from Julian's handcrafted ceramic dinnerware, to glass vases, silver candlesticks, Persian carpets and much more. This is a feast for the eye! Julian Keyser Ceramics are the proud manufacturers of top quality, functional ceramics and dinnerware.

Nacht Wacht Gallery
The art gallery is next to the restaurant. The building, one of the oldest on Nacht Wacht, dates back to the early 1700s. It still boasts the original floor and doors, and even the feeding cribs are still in tact. Here you’ll find art painted by NachtWacht owner Melanie Albertyn – paintings of the dunes surrounding Arniston, Giverngy’s waterlillies, the Overberg landscapes, nudes, and much more.

@ DePunt
Driftwood Art and Furniture - Created from driftwood collected on the Southern Tip of Africa