The Berrio
The Pratt family will share the taste, spirit, adventure, wonder and majesty of this intriguing corner of the Universe. Wine lovers all over the world can join this quest, drink in the wonder of it and share the majesty in praising the wind.

Black Oystercatcher Wines
Black Oystercatcher is a family-run wine farm at the cool southernmost tip of Africa. Here the boutique Black Oystercatcher Wines are made from the intensely fruity grapes, formed in Cape Agulhas’ extreme growing conditions.

Fraser’s Folly Craft Beer
There is something different about Fraser's Folly. Maybe it’s the unique paper packaging. Maybe it’s being the most southerly craft brewery in Africa.

Zoetendal Wines

The Zoetendal Wines are a blend of pride and excellent created by Johan de Kock. This Elim vineyard with unique climate and terroir offers an exquisite range of wines. The farm is found on the banks of the Nuwejaars River and only 3km east of Elim town centre. Travel a little further and you'll reach the southernmost tip of Africa.

You'll enjoy both a Sauvignon Blanc and a Shiraz from this farm, each with their own character and flavour that will easily stand up to wines from bigger estates in the area. The first vines were planted by de Kock in 1996 and the farm became a boutique cellar in 2004.

Becker’s Craft Beer
Becker’s Craft Beer is named after each one of the four children. Solly Stout is an Oatmeal Stout and the dark colour is provided by the Brown Malt, Roasted Barley Malt and Chocolate Malt with a hint of chocolate. Mike Weiss is a fruity beer with hints of citrus, such as orange and lemon and a firm favourite among the ladies. Named after the twins, Jana and Christine, the brewery produces two types of Pale Ale, the American Pale Ale is a refreshing amber coloured ale with a citrus-laden hop aroma, and the Twin Pale Ale is an all-round crowd pleaser!

Strandveld Vineyards
Strandveld Vineyards is a beautiful, wind-swept winery located 9km from the sea. Situated between Elim and Cape Agulhas it is the southernmost winery on the continent of Africa.“Strandveld” refers to the coastal belt of land which spans the coastline around Africa’s tempestuous southernmost tip at Cape Agulhas. Lying almost 35˚ south, the Cape South coast is characterised by severe wind, mist and cool temperatures. This confluence of maritime climate, varying sites and soil types creates the diversity of terroir that distinguishes the wines of Strandveld Vineyards.

Land's End Winery
Lands End is located in the Elim ward, near Cape Agulhas, South Africa’s most southerly point. Lands End wines are made in the most non-interventionist manner. The resulting wines reflect this austere landscape with deep rich flavours and hints of minerality, reminding one of their unique origins.

Ghost Corner
Not content with making award-winning wine in the Cederberg, David Nieuwoudt spotted the huge potential of Elim, a small and extremely promising maritime region within the Cape Agulhas district, close to South Africa’s most southerly point. Only produced in minute quantities, the inaugural vintage of Ghost Corner was met with instant rave reviews upon release and sold out immediately.

The Giant Periwinkle
The Giant Periwinkle is a boutique winery created in 2009 when Pierre Jacques Rabie planted 616 vines in the town of Bredasdorp. The first wine was made in 2011 and since then, the winery has gone from strength to strength making exclusive cool climate wines, using grapes of exceptional quality from Elim and surrounding areas.

Elim Wine Festival

The Elim Wine Festival is close to the southernmost tip of Africa – where the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans meet. The It showcases the unique wines from the cool-climate Elim Wine Ward - as well as local produce and craft from the region.

The Water Mill
Built in 1833 and restored in 1990, has the largest wooden water wheel in South Africa and is again grinding wheat as it did in the past.

The Slave Monument
T he only monument of its kind to commemorate the liberation of slaves in the Cape.The monument was "re-unveiled" in 2004 after falling into disrepair in the 1990s. It was rebuilt in time to mark the United Nations declaration that 2004 was the year to celebrate the victory of humanity’s struggle against slavery. 
From 1837 to 1840 the population of Elim doubled from 350 to to 715, and in 1854 it rose to 1 241 as more and more freed slaves sought refuge there

Moravian Church and Clock

Even today whitewashed houses sparkle in the sun, most of the roofs are neatly thatched and all roads, still, lead to the beautiful Moravian Church. The church clock, which is more than 240 years old, was installed in 1914. The clock was built in Germany and was initially installed in a church in Herren, Germany in 1764.

Sanity Farm - Olives & Lavender
We have just launched our Sanity Farm Olive oil, which is grown, pressed and bottled on Sanity Farm....a revelation!
In season, we sell our beautiful lavender grown on Sanity Farm

Elim Biblical Garden
View the Biblical garden close to the church.