MFV Meisho Maru No. 38

A visit to the Southern Most tip of Africa at Cape Agulhas National Park is not complete if you don’t walk a little further on and visit the shipwreck of the Meisho Maru No 38, a Japanese fishing trawler that succumbed to the mighty two ocean meeting point on the 16th of November 1982. Only half the ship remains and it is now a great roosting place for the resident cormorants.

Agulhas Lighthouse
The Cape Agulhas Lighthouse is situated at Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa. It was the third lighthouse to be built in South Africa, and the second-oldest still operating, after Green Point. The Cape Agulhas lighthouse boasts the only lighthouse museum in South Africa and has done more than 150 years’ duty as possibly the most important sea beacon along the South African coastline.

Spookdraai Hiking Trail

There is no secret behind the name of this hiking trail at Cape Agulhas. There have been so many shipwrecks along this coastline that even if you do not believe in ghosts (spook) you would have to at least acknowledge the possibility that a fair number of discontented souls may well continue to wander up and down this coastline.

Rasperpunt Hiking Trail

A 5,5km circular hiking trail, with its start/end at the Meisho Maru shipwreck. Experience the coastline, coastal fynbos, ancient fish traps, fresh water fountains for the first half of the walk. Turn inland, cross the gravel road and work your way up the ridge with magnificent views of the Rasperpunt rock formations and the coastline. The route markers are numbered along the route and a self-guide booklet can be purchased at the reception at 214 Main Road, Agulhas.

Two Oceans Hiking Trail
This is the newest of the hiking trails and follows a circular route through the Park. The name of the hiking trail is linked to a viewpoint on top of the Sandberg from which the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean can be seen. The trail passes through indigenous fynbos and is about 10.5 km long and takes most hikers between four and five hours to complete the entire trail. There are two alternative routes - a 3 km (one hour) and slightly longer route of 4.5 km (two hours) for hikers who may not wish to walk the entire route. The route is marked with coloured markers.

Southernmost tip of Africa
Ocean currents between Cape Agulhas and Cape Point may be constantly moving and mingling, however, the official meeting place of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, according to the International Hydrographical Organisation, is Cape Agulhas. This demarcation is cast in stone!

Wine Boutique L'Agulhas

Anyone visiting L'Agulhas who loves wine should stop at the Wine Boutique when stocking up for the weekend. There are daily tastings with wine sales and exports if you are from overseas. The selection of wines from this region have distinct flavours due to the cold marine winds blowing through the vineyards and allowing the grapes to stay longer on the vines

Agulhas Beach
Agulhas Beach offers great swimming in the tidal pools or surfing in the open sea where two oceans meet. If you’re a keen fisherman why not cast your line out from one of the rocks off the beach?

The Shell & Sealife Museum
The Shell & Sealife Museum incorporates shell collections, displays, flotsam and jetsam constructions, items made with shell inspired designs and many sea and shore findings like corals, sponges and surprises. The displays are intended to be educational. There are also paintings and cards with marine themes to be enjoyed.

Southern Wright Art Gallery

Located in Cape Agulhas, the Southern Wright Art Gallery opened in 2006, and has been doing a roaring trade since. Proprietors Louise Myers and Nic Codeghini are permanent Cape Agulhas residents and committed to producing and sourcing the best art that Agulhas and its surrounds has to offer.

Explore tidal pools and sea creatures
You can find great pleasure in exploring Agulhas’s hundreds of pools, each home to its own secrets. Whether a sea star, colourful urchins, scurrying crabs or tiny fishes seeking refuge, there’s always something to enthrall. Take your time – there’s no reward in rushing – and see what fascinating creatures make their appearance.