Sheikh Yusuf Kramat

Macassar’s history is closely tied to the Strand as it is from here that its first inhabitants came. The kramat (shrine) of Sheik Yussaf of Bantam, in Macassar, is one of the South African Muslim community’s holiest places. The Sheik, who was exiled by the Dutch in 1694, made Macassar his final resting place although his followers, who were mainly fishermen, found the sea off Macassar rather uninviting and moved further along the coast to Strand’s Mosterds Bay.

Minaret in Memory of Sheikh Yusuf
The memorial minaret of the kramat of Sheika Yusuf of Macassar was erected by Hajee Sullaiman Shahmahamed. It was unveiled on 19 December 1925.

The "Dargah" of Ashbat

The remains of 4 of Shekh Yusuf's 49 faithful followers lie buried here.

Macassar Dunes Nature Reserve

The Dunes forms part of the vital coastal dune system, one of the biodiversity hotspots of the Western Cape. These dunes have been under enormous threat from conflicting activities, including cattle grazing and 4X4 vehicle use. But tensions between conservation and development are being tackled and work within local communities has created various projects, such as an annual weedbuster day, where primary school children learn about alien invasive plants, water conservation and fynbos and come to appreciate the natural resource right on their doorstep.

Proudly Macassar Pottery
Indeed - at Proudly Macassar Pottery we call it the Sound of the Ground. Not only do we produce the most amazing musical instruments from clay. We hit unemployment with the rhythm of the UDU drum, and stir up hope in unlikely places. We create ceramic niche products - the African Ocarina clay flute, the UDU drum (a West-African traditional drum made of clay) and other items on commission. You can join in the fun by booking a township tour with us, or by using our Township Clay Experience to give your corporate team a clay encounter they will never forget!