Citrusdal is a sleepy country town nestled in a sun-kissed valley with the Cederberg Mountains to the east and the Olifants River Mountains to the west. The river that gives the valley its name is a rich source of life to the surrounding areas. The fertile alluvial soils on its banks produce the crops for which the valley is famous: vineyards, citrus orchards, olive groves, rooibos tea plantations and pungent patches of medicinal buchu.

Hike the Cederberg – take a drive to Algeria, roughly an hour from Citrusdal and pick a hiking route such as the beautiful Waterfall Walk, or explore the Stadsaal Caves where you’ll find evidence that elephants roamed the area.

This rugged and mountainous terrain was originally the home of the San and Khoi peoples, who left behind them a legacy of rock art.