Skimmelberg Buchu and Rooibos Tours
A trip to Skimmelberg is a journey into organic farming at its best. Skimmelberg's farming operations take place on the doorstep of the Skimmelberg Nature Reserve. Visitors to the farm will get to see these two plants as they occur naturally in the wild, as well as how rooibos and buchu are being farmed organically sustainble.

Ramskop Nature Reserve
Ramskop Nature Reserve lies just next to Clanwilliam, with the Cederberg Mountains, fields of rooibos tea and orange groves as a backdrop. Its wild flower garden has no fewer than 350 different species of wild flower and it is one of several places in the area where during the flower season you're almost guaranteed of a carpet, particularly if you go between 11am and 3pm whilst the sun is at its highest and the flowers are open.

Sevilla Rock Art Trail

The 5 km trail winds along the Brannewyn River and visits 9 sites of rock art paintings, left behind by the San people, who inhabited the area for thousands of years. The Sevilla Rock Art Trail offers some of the finest examples of rock art in the district and a fascinating glimpse into the world of these early inhabitants. The trail is relitavly easy walking, the atmosphere is inspiring and in spring the wild flowers are an added bonus. Over and above Springbok and Eland, small game, dassies and babboons may be encountered on the walk and a fascinating array of indigenous plant species and birds can be observed.

Rooibos Route

The Rooibos Route offers a wide variety. Depending on what you want to do and/or where you want to go, you plan your own trip. This could be a day trip or even a 2 day trip with a Rooibos overnight experience. When in doubt contact the Rooibos Route information office at the Rooibos Tea House


Rooibos Tea House

Rooibos Tea House at NetMar opened their doors in August 2012. The first business to stock and serve a large variety of Rooibos teas, all produced locally. Since opening their doors they had a constant flow of Rooibos tea lovers. From all over the world tourist come to taste, drink, buy and enjoy the unique product of Clanwilliam and South Africa.

Rooibos Ltd
Rooibos Ltd. is the preferred supplier of Rooibos and related products to leading brands worldwide. Our extensive product range includes Rooibos, Green Rooibos and Honeybush. Most products are available in conventional or organic form. Rooibos is one of the endemic species which today is commercialized and exported to the rest of the world. Visitors to Clanwilliam can visit Rooibos Ltd for a free audio visual presentation on the history, production, health properties and versatility of Rooibos. You can enjoy a refreshing cup of hot Rooibos or a glass of cold Rooibos iced tea.

Wild flowers
The shoe factory has been in existence since 1954. It was a natural outgrowth of the Wupperthal shoe factory that was established by the Rhenish missionaries about 1834. Tourists can walk through the factory, purchase `veldskoene`, or shoes can also be custom made and dispatched at a later date. It is better to notify the factory of bus groups in advance.

Leipoldt's Grave
17 km outside Clanwilliam on the way to Wupperthal the road passes by the grave of C.L. Leipoldt, well-known pediatrician, botanist, cook and above all, poet...The scenery en-route is exceptional for its rock formations, "Soldaatkop" being one near the grave.

Leipoldt-Nortier Library

When Dr. P. le Fras Nortier passed away on April 9th 1955, he allocated a certain amount in his will to be used to build a library in remembrance of C. L. Leipoldt, his longtime friend, who passed away on April 15th 1947. Reinhold Strassberger and dr. P. Muller started a small building committee to raise funds for this request. It was decided that they would call it the Leipoldt-Nortier Library, to honor both of them. It was officially opened on Saturday, 11 October 1958. Today it plays an important role in the lifes of our children and community members. A place to read, learn and work on school projects.

Ou Tronk Museum
The Clanwilliam museum is housed in the Old Gaol situated at the end of the Main Road. It's open on weekdays from 8:00 till 12:30 and on Saturday's from 9:00 till 12:00. The museum holds the history of this 7th eldest town in South Africa. With rooms dedicated to famous inhabitants of Clanwilliam, such as the early khoi and san but also poet, C. L. Leipoldt and famous comedian Tolla van der Merwe.


Soldaatkop is a rock formation on a back road of the R364. The formation can only be seen when travelling back towards Clanwilliam. One is recommended to first visit the grave of C.L. Leipoldt and on the return journey to Clanwilliam, about 1,5 km from the grave take the gravel road on the left, this road is not suitable for normal cars, leave it at the beginning of the gravel road and continue by foot, walk for a few minutes, the monument is marked with a sign on the left hand side of the road.

Clanwilliam Dam Fishing
Clanwilliam is quite possibly one of the best venues for small-mouth bass fishing in South Africa. Located in the Cedarberg Mountain Range about 250 km away from Cape Town, it's best used as an overnight fishing venue. Fish varieties include bluegill sunfish, smallmouth and largemouth bass, plus the occasional clanwilliam yellowfish. A freshwater licence is required which you can acquire at a post office.

Bushmans Kloof Heritage Centre

In 2004, the Bushmans Kloof Heritage Centre was opened, featuring an extraordinary collection of priceless artefacts, jewellery, dancing sticks, hunting kits, musical instruments, digging sticks and magical paraphernalia. The centre is a wonderful source of insight into the lives and culture of the ancient Bushman people.

Doring River White Water Rafting
Doring River offers white water rafting adventures from mid-June to September, on the river that winds through the Cederberg. Arrive the night before rafting and awake after the warm hospitality of a fireside meal, to an adventure you’ll never forget!

Dwarsrivier Farm MTB Trails
There are four MTB routes leaving Sanddrif campsite that you can combine in any sequence to provide the right trail for you. Get your permits and map from the office.

Rondegat 4x4 Trail

Secluded in the heart of the Cederberg Wilderness, the Rondegat 4x4 Trail is a 15 kilometre route that has a grade of two to three. It is circular, and takes about two to three hours to complete. Drivers can expect sandy, rocky terrain with a number of rocky climbs to test your skills and your control over your 4x4 vehicle. While the route is open all year round and no formal guide is necessary, drivers need to be aware that the rocks will be slippery and the course more challenging after the rains. Upon reaching the summit, gorgeous views of the Clanwilliam Dam and the Cederberg Mountains are sure to impress upon you the sheer scale and splendour of the Western Cape.

Velskoendraai Farmer's Market

Velskoendraai farmer’s market supports local producers and organic growers, and the restaurant/farm stall is stocked with Rooibos, rusks, jams, preserves and all sorts, from the surrounding area.

Open for breakfast and lunch, Velskoendraai is the perfect pit stop for the whole family, also boasting a play area for the kids. In season, be sure to collect as many watermelons, sweet melons and oranges as you can - they are fantastic value for money and are sweet and delicious.

Tierhoek Wines
Dating back as far as 1886 Tierhoek is one of the oldest surviving, original, Sandveld farms on the African West coast. All 715 hectares of this wonderfully diverse farm can be found situated high up in the picturesque peaks of the Piekernierkloof, bordering the majestic Cedarberg Mountain Range. The farm is said to flourish “due to the cold, rainy winters and long summers that are cooled down by afternoon Atlantic breezes.” Tierhoek has a selection which includes Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache Noir and Straw wines with the Chenin as its flagship which made from low yielding 30 year old trellised vines and barrel fermented in French Oak. All the Tierhoek wines also benefit from ageing in the bottle.

Cederberg 100 Trail

One of the newest in the Cederberg Heritage Route's collection of slackpack trails, you might have to walk almost 100 km in the space of a week, but you won't have to carry too much, prepare any meals, put up any tents or do any dishes. And if it gets too difficult, you can always opt to join the donkey cart that transports the bags on any given day (although you may need extra padding to do so).

The hike is led by a local guide from the Moravian villages in which one overnights - Boskloof, Heuningvlei, Brugkraal, Kleinvlei, Eselbank, Langkloof – six guides in all, and you stay in local's homes.

Pakhuis Trail

The three night Pakhuis Trail is one of six hikes of the Cederberg Heritage Route. It is a community led, slackpack hike. Overnight in community guest houses or homestays in the Moravian Mission villages of Heuningvlei, Brugkraal, Kleinvlei, Eselbank, Langkloof and Wupperthal on the eastern side of the Cederberg Wilderness (bear in mind that these are home stays; comforts are simple; bathrooms are shared, and sometimes three people share a room).

Heuningvlei Jeep Track Trail
In the northern section of the Cederberg Wilderness Area are a number of hiking routes. Whilst most trails are unmarked and the major reason for walking in the reserve is that you can create your own trails, there are some that are easy to follow. Drive to the top of the Pakhuis Pass where you park your car in the parking area (off to the right of the pass). A trail leaves here through a gate. The trail is fundamentally a jeep track that you take to the bottom of the hill, after which it slowly climbs up surrounded by remarkable sandstone cliffs dotted with fynbos. The highlights of the route are the views out over the Karoo, the fynbos and the simplicity of the path – if you are a hiker that enjoys knowing exactly where you are going, then this is a good hike for you as the track is always obvious.

Groot Krakadouw Trail

Set in the spectacular mountain landscape of the Cederberg Wilderness Area, the Groot Krakadouw Trail is one of several trails that make up the Cederberg Heritage Walk – community-based hiking experiences in the Cederberg. The hikes are all escorted by members of the local community. Your experience includes accommodation, meals, visits to view rock art, and a donkey cart ride. Overnights are in homestays in a series of Moravian mission villages. The hikes are slackpack so your luggage is transported to the next night's stay and you need carry only day packs

Klein Krakadouw Trail

The Klein Krakadouw Trail is one of several community-based slackpacker hiking trails that form part of the Cederberg Heritage Walk. All the hikes are guided by those who live locally, and include accommodation, meals, visits to see rock art and donkey cart drives.

The trails are anything from two night to eight night routes that can combine into multiple route hikes. There are also optional bonus days to add to some of the routes.

The Klein Krakadouw is one of the easiest of the trails.