Elands Bay

Elands Bay Wildflowers
Elands Bay and the neighbouring villages of Redelinghuys, Velddrif and Aurora are magical destinations during the spring wildflower season. Meander along the quiet country back roads for amazing flower discoveries.

Verlorenvlei is a long estuary stretching between the villages of Elands Bay and Redelinghuys, some 25 kilometres south of Lambert’s Bay. Verlorenvlei is one of the most important estuarine systems in the Western Cape and one of the largest natural wetlands along the west coast of South Africa. It is also one of the few coastal fresh water lakes in the country. The system comprises a coastal lake and reedswamp connected to the sea by a small estuary.

Elands Bay Rock Art Cave
Hidden in the caves above Baboon Point on the mountain above Elands Bay Beach are the most beautiful cave paintings. These were done by the Bushmen who lived in this area thousands of years ago.


The little resort town of Elands Bay is world famous for its wonderful surfing opportunities so it is popular with the young and adventure-seeking visitor.

Mussel Point Midden
The shell heaps, called megamiddens (or, more recently, macromiddens), are only part of the story, which includes evidence of a prehistoric lifestyle that included ready access to terrestrial and marine life; caves and rockshelters that served as protection from weather and enemies; and campsites along the rocky beaches from Elands Bay to Lamberts Bay, South Africa. Macromiddens are also found on the former Transkei coast, although they have been less intensively investigated.