Lamberts Bay

Bird Island : Cape gannet & Penguins
Bird Island is slightly different from other penguin colonies because it is also one of the only places where you can see the blue-eyed Cape gannet, the only Cape gannet colony accessible to people, and one of only six in the world. Bird Island is a three hectare island nature reserve teeming with birds. Cape cormorants, the Cape fur seal and kelp gulls also make it their home. African penguins used to live on Bird Island in far greater numbers. However, the intense guano collection between 1880 and 1990, for use as fertiliser, left the island virtually stripped of its penguin population. They need to burrow into guano in order to lay their eggs.

Lambert's Bay Boat Charters

From August to October the Southern right whales visit the shores of Lamberts Bay. Why not see them up close ... Lambert’s Bay Boat Charter is the only operator offering boat trips in the delightful town of Lamberts Bay. Book in advance or on the harbour front and you might get to see the whales even closer than from the shore. With Lambert's Bay Boat Charters it is possible to negotiate trips of various duration, aimed specifically at cetaceans, so simply ask them to do a special trip. Heaviside Dolphins are their specialty and early morning boat trips are best. Trips also regularly encounter Dusky Dolphins and of course, Southern Right Whales in season. Boats and Skippers are registered for carrying passengers by SAMSA (the South African Marine Safety Authority) so you will be in good hands!

Sir Lambert Wine

Sir Lambert Wine is only 3km from the sea at Lamberts Bay. The 10 hectares of vines produce one red and one white - a Shiraz and a Sauvignon Blanc. The close location to the sea and the cool breeze that comes off it influences the flavours of the wine quite considerably making the wine unique. The name comes from the commander of the Cape Town Naval Station, Admiral Sir Robert Lambert, from the early 1820's. Lamberts Bay was named after this adventurous spirit who made his way up this rugged coastline in 1926 in order to map it out.

Xamarin’s vineyards
Once upon a time, wild animals roamed the hills and plains of the West Coast of South Africa. Today, many species fauna and indigenous flora still add to the unique character of this area. Especially Panorama Park Nature Reserve, the home of Xamarin near Lambert’s Bay. Xamarin’s very name refers to wild animals in the Nama language. Xamarin’s vineyards tell the story of the rich Nama soil, the Africa sun and the Atlantic Ocean; and Xamarin’s wine labels, adorned with oranges, yellows and reds tell the story of the soil and the sun, the famous Namaqualand flowers, the autumn vineyards, and the traditional fires made by the Bushmen of this region.

Xamarin Country Club
Our 9-hole golf course, with scenic rock formations and water features, lies within a 300 ha nature reserve, and is 4 km from Lamberts Bay and the atlantic ocean. Adjacent is our highly acclaimed 10 ha vineyard and prize winning sauvignon blanc grapes. Game such as Eland, Springbok, Impala and Zebra graze on our fairways and sometimes unintendedly the greens. Njala keep to the thickets. The abundant birdlife gives tranquility to play on four water featured greens which demand accurate play.

Sandveld Museum

Lamberts Bay is named after Admiral Lambert of the British Navy who did a marine survey of the bay between 1826 and 1840. The museum houses 15 different exhibits eg. “Old” Lambert’s Bay, HMS Sybille Gunboat which ran aground in 1901, Photograph collection, Fish industry and fishing community, Book & Bible collection, Archaeological display, Horsemill and Farm implements and Clothes and embroidery from bygone days.

The Dunes 4x4 Trail

Experience real Desert on the Cape West Coast. Come and test your 4×4 driving skills in deep sand, explore the slopes of seemingly endless snow white dunes or just enjoy the tranquility of this unique desert.

Bookings are essential for all activities at the Dunes.


Handcrafted Model Boats
I had the idea of building model boats for about 3 years and eventually in March 2015 I started my project. My choice of boat was the Chucci (pronounced Chuckie) which is mainly used to catch crayfish and is unique to the West Coast. This boat can be converted to be used as a diamond exploration and mining vessel. There is one in Lambert's bay called "Giga"

Shipwreck - HMS Sybille
The wreck of the HMS Sybille near the beach at Steenbokfontein more than 100 years ago

Simon’s Rock
According to local information the name Simon Se Klip (Simon’s Rock) refers to the VOC Governor of the Cape, Simon van der Stel, who passed this way on his famous Namaqualand expedition of 1686