Donkey Cart Adventure
Experience the rich biodiversity and cultural assets of the Cederberg from a traditional donkey cart.The donkey is the traditional means of transportation in the rugged Cederberg Mountains and the people of the area used to use their donkey carts to carry their produce to Clanwilliam. Two Donkey Cart Adventure Trails are available. The shorter one runs between the top of the Pakhuis Pass and the village of Heuningvlei and is called the Heuningvlei Donkey Cart Trail. The longer one is a 3 day and 2 night trail that starts in Wupperthal and ends at the top of the Pakhuis Pass. It is called the Three Day Donkey Cart Trail.

Oldest shoe factory in South Africa

A visit to the 177-year-old shoe factory is like taking a step back in time: literally. Employing age-old leather cutting and sewing techniques, the skilled hands of the shoe factory's employees are famous throughout the Cederberg.

The skilled craftsmen and women who run the factory are, in some cases, third generation shoe makers, so you can rest assured you'll get a quality product, for a good price, in a shoe-shopping destination like none other in the world!

The Old Church
The church with its traditional bell is also worth a visit and is located in the center of the central business district.

The Kouberg Pass
The Kouberg Pass (translated 'Chew Mountain' or possibly an abbreviation to mean 'Cold Mountain') is a short, but steep pass on a minor gravel road which takes vehicles down to the Moravian settlement of Wupperthal in the central Cederberg area. The road is quite narrow in places and very steep on the concrete sections. A lower gear should be engaged to make use of engine compression to save on brakes overheating.

Gabriël Trail

One of six hikes in the Cederberg Heritage Route's collection of slackpack trails, the Gabriël Trail is named after Gabriël's Pass. Despite walking 40 kilometres over four days you are privy to some of the most gorgeous scenery, you won't have to put up and dismantle a tent daily, cook your meals, or carry more than a day pack. And you will enter the homes of villagers, travel by donkey cart and get to explore some of the Cederberg's rock art. Local guides, who live in the Moravian villages set in amongst the folds of the Cederberg Wilderness, lead the hike. Overnight in farmers' cottages in the villages of Langkloof, Eselbank and Wuperthal.

Wupperthal Trail
One of a series of slackpacker community-based hikes available in the Cederberg Wilderness that collectively form the Cederberg Heritage Trail, the Wupperthal Trail is led by community members from the local Moravian mission villages at which you overnight, staying in guesthouses or homestays.
Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) grows in the wild around Wupperthal but Red Cedar does not encourage wild-harvesting and uses only cultivated plant material. South African folk lore contains many claims regarding the health benefits of Rooibos and these have been supported by scientific studies. Rooibos contains antioxidants that combat ageing and is helpful in treating skin allergies and eczema. It is particularly suitable for babies with their sensitive skin. Red Cedar products contain rooibos extract and other natural ingredients such as honey, shea butter and aloe and are delicately fragranced with natural essential oils, rather than synthetic aromas.

Leipoldt House
The Leipoldt House with an information office, a tearoom and a tiny museum.