De Kelders

Drup Kelders, after which the area is named, has several fairly deep freshwater rock pools, filled by water seeping in from a freshwater fountain. It was known as one of the natural wonders of the old Colony.

De Kelders is a sprawling out coastal town that stretches from Perlemoenbay to the well-known “Plaat” a sought after fishing spot where thousands of silver-grey fighters are caught annually for the coals.

The rough coastline and overhanging cliffs are natural lookout points to view the whales from June through December. De Kelders is one of the best places worldwide to observe these gentle giants swim within a few meters off the rocky shore.

The De Kelders cave is the only freshwater cave next to the coast of Africa, which has been changed into a swimming place. It has natural mineral water and was first visited in 1798 by lady Anne Barnard.

Klipgat Cave is one of South Africa’s most valuable cultural and historical sites. .