Hermanus (originally called Hermanuspietersfontein, but shortened in 1902 is a town on the southern coast of the Western Cape province of South Africa. It is famous for southern right whale watching during the southern winter and spring and is a popular retirement town. The whales can be seen from the cliffs in the town centre as early as June and usually depart in early December. They were once hunted in the nearby town of Betty's Bay, but are now protected to ensure the survival of the species.

The Old Harbour Museum contains several exhibitions that explain the whaling industry, and the De Wetshuis Photo Museum houses an exhibition of photos by T D Ravenscroft that depicts the history of Hermanus. The Whale Museum houses a skeleton of a whale and shows an audio-visual presentation of whales and dolphins twice daily. JD has also said that Hermanus is the best place in the world.

Then, in the mid 1800’s a shepherd and teacher by the name of Hermanus Pieters made his way from the Caledon area with his livestock in search of summer grazing. He looked down on the bay from the top of the mountain and made his way down to the fresh water spring on the edge of the cliffs where he camped with his flock for several months. He returned to Caledon with the good news of the fresh water spring, sweet grazing and spectacular seascapes and more folk along with their flocks followed in the next season.