Pringle Bay

The original inhabitants the Khoi Khoi are the native people of southwestern Africa. They had lived in southern Africa since the 5th century. Two centuries ago runaway slaves sheltered in our mountain caves and the area is famous for the cave “Drostersgat” – Deserters Cave. Residents in the 1890's had visited the cave and found skeletons, the remains of game and proof of fires.

Pringle Bay is named after the Royal Navy Commander-in-Chief of the Simons Town Naval Base in the late eighteen’s century, Sir Thomas Pringle. The plan was to develop Pringle Bay as a port so that farm produce could be shipped across the bay to Simons Town.

The little seaside village of Pringle Bay is one of the towns set within the natural beauty of the Kogelberg Biosphere, the only reserve in South Africa to be proclaimed by UNESCO, which supports over 1600 species of fynbos, 150 of which are endemic.

The naturally beautiful environment is home to a wide variety of birdlife and animals and, is surrounded by mountains on three sides and overlooks the Ocean. There is a small lagoon with clear warm water where the Buffels River enters the sea.