Sitting pretty on the banks of the Klein River, Stanford is a relaxed town with a quaint slightly Victorian feel to it.

The history of Stanford might not be well-known, but it certainly is a colourful albeit sad one. The story of Stanford begins with a man named Robert Stanford. At the age of 32 (1838) after serving in the British army, he resigned his commission and retired on half-pay, after which the Captain and his wife immigrated to the Cape Colony. Once settled, they purchased the farm Kleine Riviers Vallei, where the present day Stanford village is located.

Stanford is also the only town in the Overstrand proclaimed as a heritage site. Almost 200 different bird species can be found in and around Stanford, of which 30 are endemic to South Africa.

Some of the top attractions of Stanford include river cruises on the Klein River, bird watching, kayaking and beer- and wine tasting at the local wine estates and Birkenhead Brewery.