Baardskeerdersbos Art Route 
The Baardskeerdersbos Art Route is a huge success. Every artist has a story to tell; wine, tea, coffee, snacks, veggie meals to share, and of course, their art, which graces the walls of their homes tells a story of its own – it's a personal glimpse at how a bunch of unpretentious, yet successful rural artists live.

Bake your own bread
Take part in a chilled out two day class where you can learn all about bread. Neil Jonker, an artisan bread maker will run the course and give you the low down on all things bread. Whether you are a total beginner or have some experience, this course caters for both and you are bound to learn something new and have loads of fun doing it.

Leopard Toad
The Western Leopard Toad can reach an impressive size of about 140 mm in body length. Like all toads, it has a rough skin and two large parotoid glands on either side of the head and neck region behind the eyes. It has a beautiful pattern of chocolate to reddish-brown patches with a bright yellow or black edging, on a pink or grey background. There is usually a yellow stripe running the length of the back between the patches. The underside is granular and cream-coloured, with males having a darkish throat.

NG Kerk - Baardskeerdersbos
Baardskeerdersbos used to belong to the Stanford-congregation.  Aunt Luitjie, donated a piece of land to the church on the condition that it would only be used for services.  The building was completed in 1921 and is a National Monument.