Betty's Bay

Sandboarding In Bettys Bay

The wind swept Blesberg dune in Bettys Bay is a prime location to experience down-hill adventure to the max. At 200 m atop the dune one can reach great speeds and enjoy the ultimate adrenaline buzz.

Boards can be hired directly from Jackazz Eco-Adventures

Bettys Bay Beach
A visit to the lovely 4 km long beach at Betty's Bay is really not optional ... even if its just to go for a long leisurely walk on the soft white sand. It's a wonderful beach for young and old, not overcrowded and a pleasure to spend time at.

John the Potter Gallery
John the Potter gallery on the main road of Bettys Bay is a lovely pottery shop and working studio. All the ceramics are hand made on the premises by John Ellis.

GaBoLi Chocolates
These delicious chocolates are hand-crafted by Gaspard Bossut from Betty’s Bay who was taught by a world-renown chocolatier who happen to visit Betty’s Bay whilst holidaying in South Africa.

The Disa River Waterfall
Within the surrounds of the Harold Porter National Botanical Gardens is the Disa River trail. This visually appealing trail leads you to the Disa River Waterfall, a magnificent and quite special feature.

Silver Sands Beach
Silver Sands Beach is situated West of Stoney Point penguin colony in Betty’s Bay which is a colony for the Jackass Penguins and has everything you are looking for in an ideal beach.

Leopard's Gorge Hiking Trail
Also known as the Oudebosch – Leopard's Gorge trail, this beautiful hike starts in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve. The Kogelberg is a lost valley in the middle of the Cape mountains, one of Cape Nature's most beautiful protected area. There are a series of plants that occur only here in this nature reserve; no where else in the world. The trail, which begins at the reserve office, heads up from the Palmiet River valley via an indigenous forest to above Leopard's Gorge, before ending in Betty's Bay.  

Rod's Trail
Rod’s Trail winds its way through this splendour, showing off the magnificent combination of mountains, sea and high African skies. The trail extends along the base of the Kogelberg Mountain Range, through much of the local vegetation, and to the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens. Rod’s Trail is an easy walk, and is popular amongst walkers and runners alike. It is suitable for children as well as for the rest of the family.

Harold Porter Botanical Garden
This lovely garden is situated in the centre of the coastal fynbos where the flora is at its richest. It encompasses mountain slopes with wind-clipped heathlands, deep gorges with relict forests, flats and marshes with restios, sedges and bulbs, as well as dunes adjacent to the beach with specialised salt-adapted plants. The Garden is renowned for its waterfalls and amber pools.

Stony Point
An abandoned Betty's Bay Whaling Station site where 300 whales were once killed annually for their oil (from 1917 - 1930) now gives birth to new life as penguins naturally selected breeding ground. The circle of life is best observed just after sunrise or just before sunset when the birds return from their 20km fishing expedition.

Polka Dots & Penguins
With a wide variety of affordable original art and one of a kind crafts from artists & crafters living in Betty’s Bay and the surrounding villages of  Rooi Els, Pringle Bay and Kleinmond.

Brindley Pritchard
Brindley sees himself as a contemporary realist exploring various themes, among others, working with figures in interiors, landscapes and portraiture. He draws his inspiration from creating an exceptional and unique mood in each painting. He strives to provide an enriching experience for everyone who comes in contact with his work. The quality of his work is the result of being loyal to his creative vision.

Saniki Wessels
Saniki has been painting oil paintings since she can remember and took her easel, oil paints and brushes everywhere with her into nature. She could often be seen in the midst of a Cosmos flower field in the Eastern Free state Mountains, whilst her young daughters played peacefully around her. She is inspired by nature and it reflects in a lot of her paintings in mountain, sea and flower scenes.

Louis Van Heerden
If you look at my work, don`t expect to see social or political comment and please don`t ask me what it means. What it means to me could and should never be what it means to you. My work is the product not only of my training but of my mind and senses which must be different from yours. No two people are identical genetically nor do they share the same experiences. It is this that gives meaning to any art --- graphic, literary or musical. I hope that some of what gives meaning to me might resonate with what gives meaning to you.