Strandveld Museum
The Strandveld Museum, is a little historical gem. It gives insight in the local history and has the largest collection of relics of the HMT Birkenhead that wrecked at Danger Point in 1852.

Franskraal Beach
Franskraal Beach is not only beautiful but is a popular birding hotspot and you are bound to see some interesting species in the area. Climb among the rocks and discover the rock pools brimming with the most amazing sea life. This is a nice place to go snorkelling and see what lies beneath. Anglers will find themselves at home.

The Groot Melkhoutbos Trail
The marked "Groot Melkhoutbos Trail" is open to the public. It is an hour long hike through an ancient Milkwood forest brimming with an array of rare bird, animal and plant species.