Bartho Eksteen Wijnskool
Bartho Eksteen has been successfully making wine since 1987. Apart from winning the highly acclaimed Diners Club Winemaker of the Year Award in 2010, Bartho has won numerous awards and accolades over the years and is a high level member of Cape Winemakers Guild, Cap Classique Producers Association, Sauvignon Blanc Interest Group, Shriaz SA and many others. 
Hermanuspietersfontein Vineyards
Hermanuspietersfontein is devoted to creating the best, the purest, the most honest product that we can put in a bottle. Just as the Hermanuspietersfontein team prides itself on the integrity with which it tills and nurtures its land, winemaker and shareholder Bartho Eksteen is committed to making world-class wines in a world-class cellar.
Newton Johnson Wines
Newton Johnson Vineyards is owned and managed by the Newton Johnson family. The farm is based in the upper Hemel en Aarde Valley near the seaside town of Hermanus, an hour and a half’s drive out of Cape Town.
Whalehaven Winery
Whalehaven is a boutique winery situated in Hermanus that creates a delightful array of wines that intrigue and tantalize the palate. The wines are hand-crafted to celebrate each harvest and to reflect the particular nuances of each varietal.
Bottega Family Wines
Bottega Family Wines believes in creating exceptional wines that are worthy of being collected, enjoyed with friends and savoured on special days. The range includes a full spectrum from Italian to French wines, from single varietals to multi-clone blends, from wines of accessible price to the extremely rare.
Bouchard Finlayson

One of South Africa’s most awarded boutique wine estates lies in a scenic valley, just an hour and a half from Cape Town, called Hemel-en-Aarde or Heaven-and-Earth. Framed by great fold mountains and breath-taking ocean views, it is one of the coolest wine-making regions in the Cape, with duplex soil structures and sun-facing slopes. The promise of the unique terroir is harnessed by winemaker Peter Finlayson in slow-ripened, flavour-rich wines of exceptional quality.

Hamilton Russell Vineyards
One of the most southerly wine Estates in Africa, this Pinot noir and Chardonnay specialist pioneered viticulture in the beautiful, cool, maritime, Hemel-en-Aarde Valley appellation behind the old fishing village of Hermanus.
Ataraxia Wines
Greek for “a serene state of mind, free from worry and preoccupation”, Ataraxia lives up to the hype. Aptly called The Skyfields, Ataraxia Wines is perfectly positioned on a commanding rise in the beautiful Hemel-en-Aarde wine-growing area.

In combining the rich gifts of nature and our unique terroir with the considerable skills of our dedicated team, Creation strives to reward the lover of fine wines.
Benguela Cove Wine Estate
The Benguela Cove Wine Estate is 200 hectares of magnificence. Not only are there plenty of vineyards but also olive groves and lavender fields making this a very beautiful estate to visit.
Sumaridge Estate Wines

When visiting Sumaridge, you will realise exactly why the region is named ‘Hemel-en-Aarde’ meaning Heaven and Earth. With scenic views as far was the eye can see over the Atlantic Ocean and vineyards

La Vierge
La Vierge is an upmarket Champagne winery, situated on the rolling slopes of the verdant Hemel & Aarde valley. Poised gracefully on a hill, between acres of vineyards
Mount Babylon
Established in 2001 by Johan Holtzhausen, Mount Babylon is a family-owned wine business situated amid unique fynbos and bird life in the foothills of the Babylon’s Toring Mountain Range that overlooks the beautiful Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. Johan’s brother Mauritz joined in the business in 2007, and today Yolanda, Ewan and Leila Holtzhausen complete the team.
Domaine Des Dieux
In a country known for its warmth and sunshine, we have found a place of cool temperatures and maritime breezes. Maximising the rich potential of our soils, we planted virus-free vineyards with cultivars carefully chosen to match our terroir and reflect this unique sense of place. This boutique wine farm produces small volumes of superior award winning wines, you love to drink.
Jakobs Vineyards
Jakob's Vineyards is a small family owned vineyard and wine making concern in the Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge Ward near Hermanus, South Africa, focusing on the production of quality Cabernet Sauvignon wines.  Owners Andre and Yvonne de Lange founded their winery on the principles of passion, excellence and simplicity, which they strive to convey through their wine offering.
Restless River
With our vines planted in 1999, Restless River has some of the oldest cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay vineyards in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. The soils are extremely diverse resulting in each block being quite unique.
Spookfontein is a boutique wine estate in the Hemel and Aarde Valley - neighboring the coastal town and whale watching capital of Hermanus. The name ‘Spook’ - Dutch for “ghost” - derives from the myth that one can discern a “spirit” within the swirls of the flowing spring.
Old Harbour Beer
Brewed in Hermanus with overberg barley and southern hops. Its golden colour, balanced depth of flavour and smooth finish, make Old Harbour Beer a delicious celebration of our proud Hermanus heritage.
Walker Bay Art Gallery

Situated in picturesque Hermanus known for world class whale watcing, Walker Bay Art Gallery offers a wide selection of artworks in various media by established as well as up and coming South African artists

Philip Harper Gallery
The Philip Harper Galleries is located in Main Rd, Contemporary and SA Masters, cool and sophisticated. Trimmed down by the letting of some space to Bellini, Harper still has an uncluttered look in its ground and first floor areas.
Art Thirst
The art thirst gallery and studio in Hermanus exhibits the patina of the South African country side, with its romantic solitary places. A lonely cow, grazing, or a thunderstorm in the Transvaal, an abandoned caravan next to the road, these are the scenes he loves to paint.
Abalone Art Gallery
The gallery is run by Ortrud Mulder, an experienced art advisor and gallery director (formerly the Pretoria Guild Gallery and a gallery in Cologne, Germany). She has curated a number of exhibitions of Souh African art at overseas institutions, art associations and museums, e.g. Ethnology Museum in Vienna, Naledi – Deutsche Welle, Cologne, Ubuntu – Hannover and Bonn, Aalst, Belgium and in Santa Barbara, California
Bellini Gallery
Bellini is not your typical gallery, unlike traditional coffee shops, the cappuccino-bar is situated “inside” the Art Gallery. The guests are surrounded by well known local artists – some represented by their works on the wall and some sitting next to you enjoying coffee. A truly artistic experience that started the trend in Hermanus of drinking coffee while you shop.
Hornbill House
See our artist at work creating sculptures of animals decorated with universal ethnic designs. the working environment at Hornbill studio, is conducive to the design and creation of inspirational art. Although we strive to create a product that is consistent in colour, size and design, it is important to know that all items are individually handmade in an organic material. For this reason one must allow for a certain amount of variation.
Hubbard’s Cupboard
Take a look into the wonderful world of Hubbard's Cupboard where you can browse for an unusual gift, , dinnerware, an original painting, leisure wear, cocktail wear, garden ornaments or magnificent plants from their nursery
Southern Art Ceramics
Forget your notions of the usual commercial ceramic products, Southern Art Ceramic Design is a treasure trove for decorators, architects and individuals who would like to define their sanctuaries as their own, and to create extraordinary and luxurious spaces. Refresh, Revive, Personalize
Village Gallery
The Village Art gallery was established in 2006 by artist and owner Brian Robertson, who exhibits work in both oil and watercolour.
Alan Ainslie
Alan's career as a wildlife artist commenced in 1984 when he was commissioned to produce wildlife paintings for a calendar. The artist has had several solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous international wildlife exhibitions where his paintings were exhibited with the works of world-renowned artists. His first solo exhibition in 1987 was opened by well-known South African conservationist Clive Walker.
Charmaine De Jongh Gelderblom
Come and view the work of the extremely talented Charmaine de Jongh Gelderblom, relative of well-known artist, Tinus de Jongh. Charmaine has been a full time artist for 20 years and resides in Hermanus. She is the embodiment of a true artist, using her art as an extension of her emotions and personality.
Christopher Reid
Christopher Reid is an internationally recognized artist that paints everything from portraits to landscapes to wildlife. Reid paints in pastel, acrylic, watercolor, and charcoal. His style has been described as “contemporary realism with an emphasis on color and depth.”
Daniel Kok Gallery
At the Daniel Kok Gallery we trust you will appreciate and enjoy the exciting contemporary artwork and jewellery from an impressive range of established and and emerging SA artists.
Originals Art Gallery
Terry Kobus NDAD fine art Hdip., was born and educated in Zimbabwe. He enjoyed spending time in the bush while growing up and this is evident in their choice of subject matter as he still returns to remote places to find inspiration.
Old Harbour Gallery
The Old Harbour Gallery focuses on local South African Artists. Owner, Margaret Fourie has a magnificent collection of old masters as well as promising contemporary artists works for the discerning art lover. Here you will find quality art with investment potential.
Rossouw Modern
The Rossouw Modern team mission is to devote our full energy to placing The Rossouw Modern in a class of its own as the most respected, profitable and aesthetically beautiful Art Gallery in South Africa, with a focused range of art of the most sought after, individual and original expressive young artist.
Willie Botha Sculptures
Exhibiting unique bronze sculptures as well as paintings by S.A. Masters and upcoming contemporary artists.
Pure South
Pure South owned & run by Liz Coates. The ceramic art & fine craft made with passion by the individual artist sits beautifully on the shelves of Pure South.
The Book Cottage

The Book Cottage is an independent little bookshop that was opened 14 years ago by the late Sue McNaught. The Cottage is situated in the little seaside village of Hermanus in the Overberg area.

Hemingways Bookshop
This rare collectables, Africana, antiquarian and out-of-print book shop is a must if you are even vaguely a book lover (and who isn't?).

The Village Stall
The Village Stall is home away from home- the friendly owners and staff will always make you feel at home. There is also an outside courtyard that is enclosed and great for kids.

Fernkloof Farmer's Market

Famous for fresh vegetables, cheeses, breads, preserves and more. Enjoy a delicious breakfast and on occasion a Marimba band or some other form of entertainment will occupy you.

Market Square
Crafts, curios, gemstones, clothing, Township art etc

Hermanus Pietersfontein Market
Cheeses, olives, wine, oils, organic vegetables, breads, home bakes, preserved meats etc
Enjoy a delicious breakfast while you shop for your favourite delicacies.

The Hermanus Country Market

Every Saturday morning in the delightful town of Hermanus you can enjoy a unique outdoor deli experience. Here you can buy local fresh produce, direct from the source from over 30 traders

The Old Harbour Museum

The Old Harbour Museum gives visitors an insight into the history of the village. There is a telescope above the Old Harbour for visitors to see the giant visitors when they are far out in the bay. Efforts are being made to restore the remnants of the original old fishing boats which were used by local fishermen between 1955 and 1961. 

Open Air Museum

The War Memorial, erected in 1929 in memory of those who died in WW I, heads the stairs leading down to the harbour. Hermanus sent more men to both WWs than any other town in South Africa, and in recognition the Union Government presented two field guns as trophies to be mounted on either side of the stone cairn. Another plaque commemorates Roger Bushell who master-minded the Great Escape.

De Wet's Huis Photo Museum

De Wet's Huis Photo Museum provides a fantastic photographic documentation of the history and development of the town. Once the School House, situated near the Dutch Reformed Church, it was dismantled and moved, brick by brick to Lemm’ Corner (the Market Place) in 1986

The Whale Museum

The Whale Museum is situated behind the Market Place. This museum displays a skeleton of a southern right whale. Lots of whale information, touch screens and other artefact. The Whale House presents daily slide shows throughout the year explaining the life cycle of our fascinating annual visitors, the Southern Right Whales.

Whale Crier
Hermanus is home to the world’s only Whale Crier who blows his kelp horn when whales are spotted along the coast.

The Marine Tidal Pool

The Marine Tidal Pool or Bientang se Baaigat, just below the Marine Hotel, is a great place to swim or snorkel as it teems with sea life and fairly large fish.

The Schulphoek Tidal Pool
The Schulphoek Tidal Pool at the Schulphoek Camp Site provides a vast pool and play area for both campers and day visitors
Fick's Pool
Fick’s Pool can be found just off West Cliff Road in Hermanus. The pool is very popular amongst locals and feeds off the crashing waves during high tide.

The Cliff Path
The 12 km Cliff Path in Hermanus has made the town famous for Land-based whale watching. It stretches from the New Harbour in Westcliff all along the coastline to Grotto beach in Voelklip. The Cliff Path is accessible from many points along the route, is dotted with rock pools filled with natural treasures, surrounded by fragrant fynbos and has benches at strategic points so that you can sit and watch the whales, the moon rise or the mesmerising Atlantic ocean.

Fernkloof Nature Reserve
Fernkloof Nature Reserve has well-marked and well-maintained hiking trails. The variety of trails accommodates all hikers needs. There are longer trails for regular hikers and easy-going trails for those who might not usually consider putting on boots and set of on an hour or two's walk.

Salmonsdam Nature Reserve
Well known as both a hikers’ and birders’ delight, not least because of the particularly attractive mountain landscape, and the incredible mountain fynbos that dominates the reserve. Salmonsdam has a three one-day hiking routes 4km/ 3km/2km, all leading through spectacular scenery.
Roridula gorgonias
Roridula gorgonias (vlieëbos in Afrikaans) the largest carnivorous plant in the world grows in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve.
Hemel-en-Aarde Village
The Hemel-en-Aarde Village is situated behind Sandbaai and has a variety of shops - farm stalls with delectable home-made items, restaurants, ceramic studios, galleries, jewelers, wineries, nurseries and more.
Hemel-en-Aarde Valley
This valley, heaven and earth, between the Babilonstoring Mountains and the Kleinriviersberg was not always the propitious place it is today. In 1817 Moravian missionaries established South Africa's first leper colony in the valley. It was also the country's first specialised public health institution and operated until 1845 when all the lepers were sent to Robben Island.
Grotto Beach

Grotto beach is a Blue Flag beach that stretches for kilometers making it ideal for long walks. Dutchies restaurant, a play park and excellent ablution facilities make this a favourite beach amongst the holiday makers.


This is a small beach that also has excellent ablution facilities and is great for those who don't like sand as there are large stretches of lawn above the beach.


This is, as the name suggests, a long beach in a secluded cove at the foot of the cliffs. Langbaai is considered to be the 'secret' beach of Hermanus.


Also known as Nanny's Beach, Kammabaai, is a family favourite. It has the best waves for surfing, picnic spots and braai sites under the Milkwoods and great rocks to climb.


The Sandbaai beach is dotted with rock pools full of marine creatures and is particularly popular at low tide when swimming is safe. It is also popular for snorkelling. There are change rooms and showers.

Rowweklip Beach
Rowweklip Beach is a tiny private beach nestled between Grotto Beach and Voelklip Beach.

The ocean, lagoons, dams and rivers in the Hermanus area provide for a range of boating excursions. Boats, kayaks, canoes and windsurfers can be hired at De Mond lagoon in Hermanus. The Hermanus Yacht Club on the Klein Rivier lagoon is a private club, but day visitors are welcome. There are many boating companies that will take you whale watching or deep sea fishing.


Hermanus is a fishermans dream. The Hemel & Aarde Valley has fresh water fishing spots. The beaches, lagoons and cliffs along the coast provide many perfect off-shore fishing locations and there are several companies that will take you deep sea fishing too. The waters of Walker Bay abound with galjoen, cob, red roman, steenbras and many more fish. Fishing permits can be obtained from the magistrates office and the post office.


Hermanus is boasts one of the most beautiful golf courses n the country - the 27 hole Hermanus Golf Club - a secret favourite of many golfing pro's.

Whale Watching
The Southern Right Whale, Humpback Whale, common dolphin and bottlenose dolphin can all be seen along the Hermanus coastline. The Southern Right Whales come to the shores in about June each year to mate and calve in the shallow waters. Hermanus has gained the reputation of offering the best land-based whale watching in the world because of the excellent vantage points that the cliffs along Walker Bay provide. Areas designated for boat based whale watching have been carefully selected so as not to interfere with those watching from the land (and the whales of course).
Bird Watching
Hermanus is a bird watchers delight - situated between mountains and sea, home to several nature and marine reserves, birders will spot a wide variety of species whether out hiking, strolling around the village or just sitting in our garden.
Heart of Abalone
Meet up with your tour guide at the Heart Shed in the New Harbour of Hermanus. Sit back and relax while you learn about the history of abalone in South African and Hermanus' Walker Bay area and the biology and life cycle of this mysterious mollusc and the unfortunate demise of wild stocks due to over-harvest and poaching. Here your guide will share information about abalone in its natural environment and also introduce visitors to abalone farming.