Most of the waves are safe to surf although you have to keep an eye out for the great white sharks and it is best to keep as close to the kelp as possible

A nine-hole golf course is situated in picturesque Kleinbaai - home of the shark diving boats. Enjoy the beautiful landscape amongst the Fynbos and admire the spectacular sea views across the ocean. Enjoy an early morning tee-off this close to the Southern most tip of Africa.

Shark Tours
The great thing is that you do not have to be a qualified diver to swim with the Sharks, as the cages are positioned next to the boat, and float on the surface, making it easy for inexperienced divers to safely hop in and observe these magnificent creatures. A shark tour should be at the top of your "To do List", and is probably the greatest thrill you will ever experience.

For the fishing enthusiast the rocky Kleinbaai coast is home to many species, including Galjoen and Mussel Cracker. Boat based fishing charters that leave from the Kleinbaai harbour can be easily organised. Just don’t forget your angling licence!

The Danger Point Lighthouse
The Danger Point Lighthouse was constructed in 1895, to guide ships safely through this particularly treacherous stretch of coast, dotted with uncharted rocks and strong currents. There are approximately 140 shipwrecks littering the coast between Cape Infanta and Danger Point, and 7 surrounding the Danger Point peninsula, including the wreck of the famous HM Troopship Birkenhead in 1852. The infamous Birkenhead rock, can be seen from Danger Point lighthouse at low tide.

Whale watching
It is peak whale watching season from July until November. The area offers excellent opportunities to do land-based whale watching or from the shore. Or, join one of the local whale watching operators for a wonderful eco-experience.

Flowers and Fynbos
Kleinbaai we are very proud ofour beautiful fields of flowers and fynbos. There are thousands of different species of  magnificent wildflowers that are indigenous to our region.

Kleinbaai Tidal Pool
Kleinbaai has a wonderful tidal pool perfect for children. The Pool is to the right of Kleinbaai Harbour on Kabeljou Street.