Buffeljagsrivier is a very small town in the heart of the Overberg region of the exquisite Western Cape Province. It is an official part of the Overberg District Municipality as it is part of the historical and scenic little town of Swellendam.

Buffeljagsrivier and its surrounds are known for the spectacular views of the local mountain ranges for which this area is renowned. These offer plenty of hiking, walking, cycling and photographic opportunities. Just the very sight of them puts visitors at ease, immersing them in a world that is an escape from stressful city living.

The Buffeljagsriver area is a fertile region producing vegetables, citrus, persimmons, milk and cheese, lavender and peppers.

The Buffeljagsdam located at the foot of the Langeberg mountains provides water all year round for the farms below it. Activities offered at Bufflejagsdam include fuffy-slide rides, bass fishing, canoeing, water-skiing and sunset cruises. The area offers various conference and team building facilities.

The Buffeljagsriver area is rich in historical value. Its name originates from the late 1800s when Governor Hendrick Swellengrebel's (from whom Swellendam got its name) son visited the area. It is said that he shot the last buffalo that roamed the area. .