Suurbraak lies in what could easily be termed a little piece of heaven, and because it is not a commercial centre is left largely alone.
The village was established in 1812, when the London Missionary Society established a mission station to serve the Attaqua Khoikhoi.

People still cook on wood burning stoves, use donkey-drawn ploughs and horses and carts to get around - it's really old-style living, mostly untouched by development.

Most of the old style houses line the road through town, and if you want to explore, it is a wonderful place to visit and from which to walk - the Wonder Kloof lies across from town, an incredible geological crack in the Langeberg Mountain range, with a number of recently opened hiking trails that take you through the kloof.

The word “Suurbraak” or “sour brake” refers to the thick racket ferns that grow in the area. Also located at the foot of the Langeberg mountains, Suurbraak was known as “Xairu” by the Attequa tribe who lived in the area before European settlement. “Xairu” means “beautiful” or “paradise” in the Xairu language and Suurbraak is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the Western Cape.