Infanta Beach to Moddergat River Hike
Starting at the Infanta slipway, the Infanta to Moddergat route offers an interesting hike along the beach and riverside. Walk past Kontiki and then along the riverbank until you reach the slipway at Moddergat.

The rocky shoreline is great for fishing.

The Breede River Estuary is the Cape’s premier fishing estuary and one of the best in South Africa. The most common fish is the Spotted Grunter which attains a weight of about 6kg. The estuary is also known as the home of the big kob with the largest recorded size of 64kg. These fish are not as numerous as in the past but are regularly caught during the season from October to April.

Whale watching

The annual migration of Southern Right Whales makes its way along the East coast usually arriving in June and tapering off in November. The whales come to San Sebastian Bay to give birth and breed so it is a hot-bed of whale action.

Bird watching
Walks along the river bank and through the fynbos are the walking areas of choice. South Africa’s national bird the Blue Crane and the endangered Black Oyster Catcher. Fish eagles, herons, sunbirds and kingfishers are amongst some of the other birds that are frequently seen.

Wreck of the Kadie

A shipping service along the coast between Breede River and Cape Town provided a welcome alternative to the arduous wagon journey. One of the more famous steamers was the 158 ton Kadie. Malgas became a bustling social and business centre due to the inland harbour and the pontoon ferry service. Finally the demise of the "SS Kadie", a 158 ton steamer, which was wrecked entering the Breede River Mouth, coupled with the death of Barry in 1864 led to the collapse of the empire. Parts of the wreck can still be found close to Infanta at the river mouth.