Genadendal Handweavers
The Genadendal Handweavers initiative was launched by The Kraal Gallery, who recognise the value of unique hand-woven art forms and the effect that it can have in the lives of individuals

Genadendal Hiking Trail
Start: Genadendal Moravian Mission Church Finish: Genadendal Moravian Mission Church Duration: 25.3 km, 2 days Fitness: fairly strenuous

Genadendal Mission Museum
Just outside of Greyton in Genadendal you can find the historical Genadendal Mission Museum. Here you can catch a glimpse of some of the oldest and first musical instruments, books, tools and household

Genadendal Pottery Studio
Visit the Genadendal Pottery Studio and purchase an unusual ceramic piece or hand-painted...

Khoi Camp

Today the reconstructed Khoi Camp at Genadendal attracts visitors from far and wide. The material used to make these mats come from a plant called Cyperus Textilis or Cape Papyrus which grows all along the banks of the water streams in the Western Cape.