Aurora, meaning 'daybreak' is a tranquil village set against the slopes of the Piketberg mountain in the middle of the Sandveld.

Named after Ceylonia Aurora Perreira, the daughter of the first Dutch Reformed minister in the area (hence the size of the church), the town has an interesting history. It was here that the French astronomer-geodesist, Abbé Nicolas de le Caille set up an observatory where his findings concluded that the world was pear-shaped, a result that had the astronomical world in a bit of a tail spin for decades whilst they tried to prove otherwise.

In summer the area can look dry and colourless in contrast to the lush green mountain, but after the first rains the area is transformed into a paradise of flowers and fynbos. 
The surrounding area is home to a variety of small mammals like steenbok and porcupine. A variety of birds are also found including the giant eagles which nest in the surrounding mountains.
Outdoor enthusiasts can choose to go hiking or mountain-climbing. Sun Mountain has a cave with San paintings. Mountain Mist is popular with mountain-bikers and 4x4 trails can be found in the area.